Film: FCI Obedience Class III – old FCI rules (pre 2016)

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Are you curious and want to find out about the exercises in high level competition obedience? Do you want to know how to teach them to your dog?

In this film, Maria Brandel goes through every exercise of high level obedience and shares some of her best and most exciting tips and ideas on how the exercises can be trained, with a good attitude and high precision. As always, Maria is faithful to her principle that training should be fun and motivating for both the handler and the dog.
If you have the ambition to succeed in obedience, this film FCI Obedience Class III is a must!

The film is available in both English and Swedish, you select the language you want when you start the film.

Note that the film shows the old FCI Obedience Class III rules (pre 2016)

Interview with Maria about the film FCI Obedience Class III

Maria, why did you want to create a film about the FIC Obedience Class III exercices?
Because I met so many people that didn’t know what the exercises in Class III should look like! It felt like an instructive film was needed – that showed the exercises according to the regulations. The existing films are a few years old and I thought something new and exciting was needed.

How is the film structured and why?
Every exercise has its own chapter. Every chapter starts with showing the final exercise and then a few tips and ideas about how to teach the dog each exercise. We show both teaching the exercise from scratch and some tips about what to keep in mind when it comes to that specific exercise. For example things that are important to get good results at a competition. We also shows how not to do things – and what the consequences might be. One example of that is if you every time the dog sits reward the dog so that it jumps up to get the reward. Many dogs will then become slow to sit since they are preparing to jump up again. 

What was the best part about creating the film?
It was interesting to think about what are the most important things to get into the film. We discussed it a lot – what do we need to show, which close up sequences to use etc. We had a dog handler next to the camera man all the time, telling him which parts was important to catch on film.

It was also fun to see my own dogs in action, when the film was done. When we filmed we did so many re-takes. We had eight different dogs and all of them were very good. All the dogs were happy and I think they are inspiring to watch – just the way you want obedience training to be.

Most difficult?
The most difficult part was to choose what to include! To be honest, I could make a whole film about each exercise…

Who is the film aimed at?
It’s for everyone who wants to learn more about the FCI Obedience Class III exercises. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or if you’re already training the Class III exercises – I think you can get inspiration no matter what level you’re at.

Since the film is available in both Swedish and English people from other countries are also interested in the film. I think it’s very exciting that some people in India is thinking about creating obedience competitions and has bought two films.

But why are there so few films about obedience?
It’s not that easy to create a film like this. At least not if you want to use professionals to create it. The ones who created my film knew nothing about dog training when we began. But they were very interested and in the end I didn’t have to tell them which shoots to include or what needed to be re-shot because he who cut the film understood it by himself.


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