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Here you find some example from our internet course. This is a very short part from one lesson about self-control and drive. If you want to build strong basics for all dog sport-this is the course for you! Nolimit etapp 1:2


When using self-control we develop it into four parts. We want the dog to freeze into position when we hold the food in our hand or in a bowl on the ground. We want to be able to reward the dog for holding the position as well as for rushing out to the reward at our signal.

Previous knowledge

You start with food in your hand, and train that you can lower your hand all the way down to the ground, and the dog can, even then, remain into position without stretching out to reach the treats.

Introduce a signal

Hold the dog by the collar, extend your other hand with food in. Make sure that the dog is eager to go, say the command and let the dog go so he can eat the food.

In order to make it a bit more difficult, you can wait before you give the command until the dog is no longer pulling on the collar and, in the end, that you do not hold him at all.

When we train this, our criterion is that the dog rushes out and eats the treats on command. If he is too slow, it means that you have tried to progress too quickly. Make it easier again in holding the dog by the collar and letting him go when he is eager to go.

Then put the treats in a bowl and train the same thing. Change the position in which the dog will start from (sit, down and stand) and go through all the steps as above when you change the position.

Fault signal

Once the dog understands what he has to do, you can snatch the treat when he goes too slowly. We let the dog almost take it but he loses it at the last minute. Then you start again, and you do the same thing except that you let the dog win this time. By the same occasion, we teach the dog a word that means “wrong”, and that word must mean for the dog “this was wrong, so try harder next time.”

Remember to smile when you use your fault signal or use a word that is impossible to say in an impatient or angry manner. This is a game and it should never become too serious.

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